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Bouncing Knives! Free Sound Effects Download Pack

Today I am releasing the first new Free SFX Download Pack - Bouncing Knives.  The pack features the sound of various knives being attached to a wall mounted magnetic board.  As the knives fight off the pull of the magnet they vibrate and make a fantastic twanging sound.   There is not much to say about the recording process, as this was pretty much a "point and shoot" type of recording session.  So I won't blather on in this post about how the knives were recorded.  The hardest part of the shoot was pulling out the fridge to unplug it.  I did use a great tip I saw last year in a Ric Viers video tutorial that you might be able to learn fro as well.  I always forget to go back and plug in any appliances I had to unplug to keep quiet during a recording session.  So when I unplugged the fridge I put my car keys inside.  This way when I went to leave and my keys were not in my pocket, I was immediately reminded to plug in the refrigerator.  

I have found these sounds to be extremely useful in cartoon-y animation projects.  They have a familiar Wile E. Coyote type feel to them.  I have also used these sounds on knife throw impacts to get a great effect.  I think the applications are nearly endless for these sounds.

Below is a video showing the various knives rattling on the magnetic board.  I went back later to shoot this video, the actual files available for download allow for proper ring off with each knife.

Feel free to jump over to the Free Downloads page on this site to grab your copy of these great sounds.  They are delivered at 24/96 with Soundminer embedded metadata.  All I ask in return is that you either follow me on twitter (@azimuthaudio) or subscribe to the RSS feed for this site.  This way you can be in the loop when new Free SFX download packs are released.  

Reader Comments (1)

Sound effects produced by using metal always sounds rhythmic. The video shows how hard it is to produce a rhythm using knives. It requires accuracy and some experience... If I am not wrong then this kind of sound effect was used in the movie 'Ninja Assassin". I wonder how many varieties of sound can be produced from knives???

March 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMaddison Tucker

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