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Cringer the Cat, ATTACK!!!

NOTE: No Animals were harmed in the making of this Blog Post.  (Just annoyed and bothered a bit)

My friends Lee and Jenny are the un-proud owners of Cringer, a very angry, mean and possibly misunderstood cat.  Cringer has become a bit of a legend with our friends as a result of the stories we all have of being attacked and menacingly hissed at by Cringer.  This is a cat that is not easily intimidated and will take on all comers.  This cat is such a terror that at Lee and Jenny's recent wedding, toasts drew big laughs that were dedicated to the collective dislike their friends all have for this little menace.  I figured it was about time Cringers crazy vocalizations got documented so I headed over to their house with my field recording gear.

Cringer tends to go the most nuts when a new person enters the house so I arrived and set up all my gear on their front porch and then entered with the gear already in record mode to capture his attacks and hisses.  Now as stated earlier Cringer is very un-co-operative at all times, and he seemed to have a sense of what was happening and being a contrarian he quickly decided not to attack or make any sounds at all.  This is very out of character, and in this case frustrating.  Then, once we got him going, he ran straight to the home's refrigerator and stayed in front of it so the first round of meows and purrs are all draped in a base sound of fridge compressor.  

After realizing this was not working we took a brake, got the fridge to quite itself, and it dawned on us that Cringer responds to noise.  When I was following him around silently with the mic on the end of my boom poll he would respond with silence, but the second someone in the room started talking, Cringer would immediately pipe up with his own vocals.  So we developed a dialog of sorts where I would say something short and quick and then he would "say" something back at me.  This is when I started to get some nice sounds out of the little guy.

I ended up getting some nice Meows, Purrs, a scary Hiss, Attacks, Groans and some other sounds.  Although he never went into full on Terror mode, he did end up being quite yappy in the end.  Here are some of the vocalizations I was able to grab:

Cringer Blog Demo by azimuthaudio

 The above Soundcloud file is available for download for anyone that wants to add it to their SFX Library, but I am also going to post the fruits of the whole session up for anyone that needs some more cat sounds.  The following link will take you to a page where you can download a .zip file with the "The Cringer Masters", a collection of 30 individual .wav files at 24bit, 48k (I am keeping the masters at 96k for myself) featuring full Soundminer metadata.   Right now this link will only work for the first 40 people to pull down the files.

1. File: Cringer Masters  (All 40 free downloads have been used now.  Look out for future free downloads on the blog)



A big thanks goes out to Lee and Jenny for letting me take over their home for a while to get these sounds.  



Audio Nerd Stuff:  Recorded with Rode NTG-3 to Fostex FR-2LE through a Sound Devices MixPre front end.



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Great story, thanks for the sounds. That cat sounds crazy!

May 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJames Bryant

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